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Patient Stories

"What’s the greatest outcome? Happy Patients!”

Dr. Andy Engh, Jr, President, Anderson Orthopedic Research Institute

At AORI, we focus on the end game of our research: greater quality of movement for hip and knee patients.

Below are a few examples of how our diligent research translates into patient success.

Dixon Hemphill, World Record Holding Runner

Dixon Hemphill is a 91 year old gentleman, a track world record holder and a hip replacement patient. He was a cyclist and a runner, but by 2008, his right hip would no longer allow him the freedom to move the way he was accustomed.

Dr. Andy Engh, President of AORI and hip replacement surgeon, replaced Dixon’s right hip with cementless implants using a cross-linked polyethylene liner for best wear rate. That was February of 2008.

Since then Dixon is busy setting world records! Dixon reduced his 5K personal best time by a over a minute. Each year he directs running events. At 91 he continues to put his right hip to the rigorous test of his daily training run.

Through our decades of research and the improvements it has afforded the world of hip and knee arthroplasty, Dixon and many others like him are living vibrant active lives! Download more pictures and read Dixon’s full story here.

Jacquie Barker, Dual Partial Knee Replacements

Jacquie Barker calls herself "bionic" because, after not one, but two, partial knee replacements with Dr. Jerry Engh, Medical Director for AORI, and knee replacement specialist, she is back at full activity level. Jacquie is a cyclist and a motorcycle rider.

Jacquie enjoys life to the fullest, but that wasn’t so when her right knee gave out causing Jacquie to need a partial knee replacement. A few years later, Jacquie's other knee became painfully impaired with osteoarthritis. Using a special bone saving advancement in total knee arthroplasty, Dr. Jerry Engh, AORI's Medical Director and knee replacement specialist replaced only the damaged portion of Jacquie's knees giving Jacquie a new lease on life!

Download Jacquie's full story here.

“I have always and continue to believe that the driving force of AORI is the patients who allow us to garner information from them as they live their lives after their joint replacement.  Without them, there would be no AORI."

Debbie Ammeen, BS, Project Director, Knee Clinical Research